Lee Learning Hub Tuition Centre

Lee Learning Hub provides tuition in English, German, Maths, French, Sciences and Spanish.The tuition centre was born out of the desire to teach students using the most up to date resources and equip them with the best study skills. We help learners fulfil their potential and build confidence.

Located in the vicinity of four private schools, Lee Learning Hub is also close to the Kent Grammar schools, hence its particular success on exam preparation.

Our team of qualified teachers work very hard on developing our quality of service to make sure each and every child and each adult who has classes with us builds on their confidence and reaps the benefits of their personalised learning.

Saves parents and students time and effort

Parents with busy schedules don’t always have time to help their children with school work. Having a private tutor takes the pressure off.

Extra review

Often in school there is only a limited time to review a child’s work and understanding. That may not always be enough. Having a private tutor gives students an extra chance to review the areas in which they may be struggling.

From excellent tutors, to working on your school curriculum so you can consolidate on topcis you currently study as part of the national Curriculum.

We cater for everyone’s needs in Maths, English, Sciences, German, French, Spanish. Covering all the exam boards as well as the Common entrance for all areas.

We also help independent candidates and provide online tuition.

What We Do?


National curriculum tests in English grammar, punctuation and spelling, English reading and mathematics.


Our style of teaching gives your child focused tuition in their core subjects, building confidence and improving academic performance.


We have tutors who specialise in GCSE Mathematics, English language/literature, Sciences, German, French and Spanish as well as other subjects. Contact us for more details.


We teach A-level Maths, English, Biology, French and more.

11+ Tuition

We help succeed by using the most recent resources and helping children in all aspects of the 11+ exam. Maths, English, Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning. We also help with interview prep.

Language Tuition

Our expertise is languages. We at LLH have the highest level tutors in French, German and Spanish. We also teach Latin and Arabic.


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