Summer Courses with Lee Learning Hub
KS1- KS5

Booster sessions Mock Examinations
Our classes have been hugely popular and we are offering them to help you.

➡️digital access
➡️5 hours of live teaching
➡️1 to 5 subjects per day

Make the most of your summer time to stay on top of the school work, or start preparing in advance for September.

What happens during the sessions?
▪️Completion of exam papers
▪️Concise feedback and instant marking
▪️Gap filling/ extension
▪️exam technique focus
▪️pack of resources sent on areas to develop
▪️Report sent by email with tailored programme

New in 2024 Introductory Classes

➡️students can prepare ahead
➡️start learning topics in advance

These are intense classes and a lot of material is covered in one day.

Price: £125 per day. Book 5 for the price of 4.

Class dates and times:

  • Wednesday 3-7pm
  • Thursday 3-7pm
  • Saturday 10am-2pm

All of our students are left inspired and motivated in their learning.

We accept childcare vouchers/ voucher schemes as LLH is a OFSTED REGISTERED CHILDCARE PROVIDER.

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